Jams: Xenia Rubinos

Xenia Rubinos by Angela Altus

It’s been a while since I’ve even so much as thought about blogging, but that’s less because of an existential crisis (I already know there’s no point and I’m typing into a vast void) and more because I’ve been busy. With words and stuff! Which I may write something about later.

But I thought, if I want to jump back in, how should I?

Madly, while dancing.

BAND: Xenia Rubinos
GENRE: A Witch Dancing Out Of Rhythm With Her Familiar
ABOUT: Look, she sings in Spanish and English, she uses syncopation and funk and dance beats, she sings about being alone and laying eggs in lovers’ mouths. I can’t imagine what more you want from me.
LISTEN TO: “Help” from Magic Trix

Black Terry Cat is her new album that dropped in late May, and I’d love to recommend something from it, but Magic Trix is still kind of echoing in my head after a year, so go listen to the whold dang thing, would you?