Jams: Nightclub singers for robots

1035x834-20140221-phantogram-x1800-1393010482This week, as I was doing some writing, I realized it had been a very long time since I’d listened to Phantogram. And I listened to a whole lot of Phantogram when I was writing the very first draft of This One Project. As in, their first two albums were the soundtrack to the NaNoWriMo that originally birthed this weird YA fantasy, though the sound and lyrics are utterly unrelated to the story.

So it seemed appropriate to listen to Phantogram again this week, for reasons.

Since that very first draft, Phantogram has come out with another album, back in 2014. (I’m a slow writer in some ways.) The new album is really good, too, though the sound is a little different. It’s been good to pump it up (as I completely rewrite the first chapter of This One Project).

BAND: Phantogram
GENRE: Nightclub singers for robots
ABOUT:¬†self-described as “street beat, psych pop” whatever that means
LISTEN TO: “Fall in Love” on the newest album is pretty good!

Honestly, because I listen to them usually while working, all their songs have melded together into a larger Phantogram sound so it’s hard to pick out single songs. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good sound! Like a soundtrack to being productive.