On expanding my horizons

In 2015, besides horror, I tried to pick a few other areas where my reading has been… lacking. Most obviously, those genres were poetry and romance. Still are. Probably forever — I don’t have a passion for either, but I will continue to look for small corners to enjoy.


This is sad. I am not impressed with myself. I thought to myself, you know what I don’t do now that I’m not in school? Read poetry. I should read poetry! And then, what did I do last year?

Read one book of poetry.

RaptureRapture by Carol Ann Duffy
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I don’t know how to rate poetry. I don’t know how to review it. I barely know how to read it, except to take each word, each line, as it comes. I liked some of the poems in this collection, and a good lot of the lines and phrases. That’s all I can say.

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It was fine! I enjoyed some of the poems a lot! I chose it by a very scientific method: I saw in in the basement at Harvard Bookstore and liked the cover, and also had heard of Carol Anne Duffy before in my life. Verrrrry scientific. So I guess what I’m saying is someone better at poetry than me should put me through a quiz and then hand me some small books of poetry to read this year. Volunteer applications are open.


Hhhokay. Okay! I had a few long Twitter conversations with romance-reading friends, and always read Mindy Hung’s writing about romance at The Toast, and listened carefully to the Pop Culture Happy Hour episode on romance while taking notes, so I barreled into this genre armed with knowledge and recommendations. I’m certain that helped!

On the other hand, of the 4 romance books I logged on Goodreads, one was probably my Worst Book Of The Year, and another was one of my few Official DNF books. Oh, there’s another I haven’t even logged in Goodreads, but I haven’t given up on reading it. However, the fact that it’s been 6 months of trying is probably not the best sign!

So what did I like? Jeannie Lin. I liked Jeannie Lin’s historicals. I read two of them and they were both really fun, and I’m almost certainly going to read more of the Gunpowder Alchemy series.

Oh! And I read a sample of A Bollywood Affair by Sonali Dev, and I look forward to reading it sometime soon.

Here’s the Goodreads shelf with all of them. Sorry, book I hated. Sorry, book I gave up on.

Okay, now you tell me where I went wrong, or give me other recommendations in these genres! Do it! I really want you to.