Minor update

Ahh, tiny wee little improvements. The Stories page is shiny and reformatted, and yet all the links to my interactive fiction still work.

This was more doing than you might think, because Past Me was a little dumb. Let’s just say redirecting parts of a subdomain while leaving other parts of a subdomain alone is a little bit annoying if you are a Casual Coder like me. Why did I even put my interactive fiction on a separate subdomain? I don’t know, ask Past Me, she’s the one who did it.

Anyway. Stories! There are lizard people, post-apocalyptic rocket farms, mysterious portals, space monsters, and (of course) space witches. Etc.

The Fairy Woods title art
The Fairy Woods: A tale of rescue, or not

I’m going to take a second to feature this story. The Fairy Woods took me ages to construct, but I loved creating each bit of the world and each character you encounter. It has multiple endings and some neat hidden tricks involving remembering states and paths and character choices, but of course none of that matters if people don’t bother to click past the first choice.

So, um. If you feel so inclined, check it out! You might get to fight a troll or chat with a witch or muddle your way through a labyrinth.